Cat Eyed Boy N° 1 di 3 - Kazuo “Umezz” Umezu


Cat Eyed Boy N° 1 di 3 - Kazuo “Umezz” Umezu

CAT EYED BOY N° 1 di 3

Autore: Kazuo “Umezz” Umezu
Direttore editoriale: Riccardo Rottaro
Curatore editoriale: Maurizio Ercole
Traduzione: Vincenzo Filosa
Redazione: Alessandro Lise, Massimo Perissinotto, Ida Cristina Mulinacci
Pagine: 336 bianco e nero
Formato: 15x21 cm
Rilegatura: Brossura con alette
ISBN: 9788897571148
Prezzo: 16,00 euro

Half-man, half-demon, Cat Eyed Boy lives hidden among humans without ever feeling at home. In a bizarre and bloody world, where shadows come alive even in daylight, the boy eyed cat assist to unspeakable horrors: exchange of brains, killer legs, sentient tsunami ... Aware that terror is always around the corner and emerges from a seemingly normal everyday life, Cat Eyed Boy appears there where the surface between real and imaginary ripples, where the supernatural apparitions are likely to lead to madness those who are not ready to discover what lies behind appearances.

Finally, in Italy, in the translation by Vincenzo Filosa, the cult manga that inspired two generations of horror authors, an adventurous and uncanny comic that will force you to look at you constantly behind.

About the Author: Kazuo Umezu, in Umezz art, it is one of the undisputed masters of Japanese horror. Inexplicably unpublished in Italy, Umezz has fueled the imagination of all the writers of the following generations, earning an award in his name, given annually to the best horror comics. In 1975 with Hyoryu Kyoshitsu (The classroom drifting) he won the prestigious Shogakukan Manga Award. In 2009 the American edition of Cat eyed boy has received a nomination for best foreign comic.

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